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Dutch Masters’ History

We are proud to present you the history of our beautiful building from Keizersgracht 580 known as Dutch Masters Amsterdam.

1923-1969 Dutch Women’s Club (Nederlandshe Vrouwenclub)

The Association of the Dutch Women’s Club Amsterdam aimed to bring women together who were interested in art, science and social well-being and who wanted to contribute to a good relationship and friendship. That goal is still current. To achieve this, lunch lectures, visits to exhibitions and theater, excursions, bridge drives and other activities were organized. In 1923 the Dutch Women’s Club purchased the premises Keizersgracht 580 and 582. In the beginning of the last century it was still unusual that working women lived independently, traveled alone or went to a restaurant by themselves to eat. The Keizersgracht 580 and 582 buildings offered temporary shelter for women. There was a place to stay for women who traveled alone. The first years it was a thriving club with many activities such as lectures, concerts, language courses, and a sewing club that was committed to the needy and victims of disasters. The Dutch Women’s Club stayed in the building till 1969. The two buildings where merged in to one by the Dutch Women’s Club.

1969 – 2003 Jellinek Clinic

In 1969, the Jellinek Clinic moved in to the building.
The Jellinek Clinic offered temporary housing to former patients.It offered temporary accommodation for former patients, between the secluded world they had been in until that moment and the hard really that awaited them. Officially the complex was called Huize d ‘Eest. The building was popularly known as the Timmerhuis, named after nurse Timmer. Sister Timmer was one of the nurses for whom they had a lot of admiration at that time, and who meant a lot to the clinic. In 2003, the Jellinekliniek left. After renovation the property continued to act as temporary accommodation.

2003 – Present Dutch Masters Amsterdam

In 2003 the Jellinek Clinic left. The buildings where split again and placed for sale seperately. In the period 2003 to 2011, the building was completely renovated and rented to Perfect Visit B.V. Perfect Visit B.V. specializes in renting out short-stay accommodations and holiday homes. The property was rented out by Perfect Visit as a short stay. In 2011 the property was sold to the current owners. Nowadays the building on Keizersgracht 580, under the name Dutch Masters Amsterdam, is still used as short stay apartments, where guests can relax in the busy center of Amsterdam.